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Hi, my Name is Sebastian


I am 37 years old, live in Hamburg and work as a Developer Coach and Software Developer.

In addition to this, I hack on projects in the Node.js/Javascript world and teach Javascript for the "Kunsthochschule" Weissensee - KHB. You find me speaking on conferences from time to time with Talks on software craftsmanship, Node.js, agile software development and lately team dynamics around the world.

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Programming in the LAMP stack since 2001

Agile Methods since 2006

Extreme Programming

since 2006

Software QA

since 2006


since 2008


since 2006

Servant Leadership

since 2007

Service Design Thinking

since 2012


since 2000


since 1999


since 1998


since 1998


since 2001

NoSQL Databases

since 2013


Studium und Zertifikate

Additional qualification, trainings and certificates

  • 2009: Certified Scrum Master
  • 2008: Team Leadership Workshop (IHK)
  • 2008: Project Management (IHK)
  • 2007: Mysql Developer Version 4

Trainee Forwarding Agent

Qualification: 1998

Main Focus:
Exports to West-Africa, Saudi-Arabia, Libanon including container shipments, car transports


Scrum, XP, Servant Leadership, Agile Coaching

Intelligent Apps GmbH

Scrum Master / Hamburg / 2012-2014

Responsible for continous process improvements for up to 5 development teams developing the mytaxi app including working with management on release process schedules. Additionally training all staff and especially product owners in all things agile.

IntelliAd GmbH

Chief Productivity Officer / Munich / 2011-2012

Responsible for implementing and executing various agile methodologies and working on prototype projects.

Chip Xonio Online GmbH

Teamlead Price Comparison / Munich / 2007-2012

Leading and rebuilding a team of Software Developers responsible for the price comparison feature of germanys largest tech site. The role contained e.g.

  • Leading a development team
  • Technical Consultation
  • Creating Prototype Projects
  • Introducing Scrum and XP to teams

Mayflower GmbH

Developer / Munich / 2006-2007

Lamp Stack Developer specializing in XUL and Javascript but using PHP and MySQL as well. Worked for clients like Sixt and Hypovereinsbank.

Selfemployed in Partnership with

Munich 2004-2006

Developing CMS and E-Commerce sites based on PHP and the Postnuke CMS System. Automation of Ebay sales and bidding Systems.

WWL Internet GmbH

Developer / Munich / 2000-2002

Developing CMS and Web-Applications in Perl, Java and PHP using Mysql as a Datastore. Several projects revolved around Gauss CMS (Now OpenText) and Intershop.


Übersicht über Vorträge und Workshops



  • "To pair or not to pair - That is not a question"
    A Talk about pair programming at Dutch PHP Conference 2013 and Agile Dev Practices 2013
  • "Coding as a craft - The coder as a craftsman"
    A Talk about craftsmanship and it's relevance to software development at International PHP Conference Spring 2013 and Decode Usergroup Hamburg
  • "Open Source TDD with JavaScript, Git(Hub), Travis CI and more"
    Getting test driven JavaScript code up and running, no matter if Browser or Server is not a very fancy thing at all. Adding static code analysis, continuous integration and all the other goodies of modern, agile development makes all that a little more complicated. And you want to test contributions to your open source project as well with the same toolbox? 5 Minutes work to get you all this! International PHP Conference 2013


  • "The agile toolbox"
    Fullday workshop about Extreme Programming practices and advanced methods in Scrum. JavaScript Days 2012 in Berlin, Deutschland
  • "Coupling, Cohesion and more SUDO Science"
    How loosely coupling and high cohesions help your architecture Dutch PHP Conference Amsterdam
  • "A real-life and NSFW look into Projects"
    Discussion of "Projects" in the IT-World with Bastian Federer Linuxwochen Viena 2012
  • "Scrum - Just do it!"
    A 4 hour workshop in cooperation with Dominik Jungowski Linuxwochen Viena 2012


  • "Hitchhikers Guide to Agile"
    What are the roots of agile Software development? Where does all this come from? Confoo Montreal 2011 in Mainz, Deutschland
  • "Node.js and Express.js"
    Talking about the basic building blocks of many node.js web applications. International PHP Conference 2011
  • "Node.js live coding"
    Presenting basic Node.js libraries and modules in a live coding session. Javascript Usergroup Munich




Contact / Imprint

How to reach out to me

Sebastian Schürmann
Holstenring 14a
22763 Hamburg
Dissident Trainings
Sebastian Schürmann
Holstenring 14a
22763 Hamburg
+49 176 / 700 31 520

sebs AT 2xs DOT org

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